Only Sprint in Emergencies

Just like jumping sprinting will empty you hunger bar even faster.

Cook Your Meal First

Light any chickens, cows, or pigs on fire before killing them, as the meat they drop will already be cooked.


Conserve Your Fuel

Only use coal to smelt/ cook when you need to smelt/ cook at least 8 items. Use wood for everything else to save on fuel.

Destroy Gravel/ Sand

Place a torch underneath any large amount of sand or gravel to quickly and automatically destroy it all.

Don't Burn

Always carry a potion of fire resistance while mining, that way you can use it and save yourself if you ever fall in lava.

Pack a Lunch

Never forget to bring food with you wherever you go, your hunger bar will always go down eventually.

Bring the Essentials

No matter what you are doing or where you are going , be sure to always pack all of your essential tools.

Safety Water

Keep a safety bucket of water with you where ever you go in case you fall into lava.

Mark Your Trail

Whenever you go out exploring be sure to mark the way you came, it's far too easy to get lost.

Block Incoming Attacks

Block any attack you can, it will half the damage you take , it will even allow you to survive a creeper explosion.

Armor Up

Armor will let you more easily survive any fight.

Enchant Everything

Make sure your weapons are enchanted; it will help with a huge variety of things from mining to fighting.

Leave a Survivor

If you kill all the animals in a group they won't respawn for a very long time , just leave a single survivor and they will respawn much quicker.

Fast Farming

Use bone meal on crops to quickly grow them to full size.

Go Peaceful

If you just want to play survival mode for a while without dying just turn on peaceful mode.

Be Fire Safe

Don't play around with fire, it's a stupid way to die and lose your items.

Make a Step

Leave the bottom log of a tree you're cutting down so you can use it as a step and reach the very top most logs.

Keep the Best

Avoid using anything but the best tools as the game goes on, everything will be faster and better.


Stay Away

Never kill a creeper with anything other than a bow, or else you risk the chance of your dying.

Set Your Own Spawn

Sleep in a bed anywhere to reset your spawn to that point.