When water touches a source lava Obsidian is created!

Stop the Water

Ladders, signs, and trapdoors stop water in their tracks! Use it to keep water from flowing where you don't want it.

Fire Proof Wood

Wooden slabs are practically fire proof. They won't burn nearly as easily as regular wood.


Hidden Wires

Red stone wire can travel right through any type of half slab blocks. This lets you hide your wiring easily!

Pressured Water and Lava

Lava and water can be held, without spilling, by surrounding a source block with 4 pressure plates.

Break Your Boats and Minecarts

Use a bow and arrow to quickly and easily destroy and dispose of your boats and minecarts.

Lava Furnace

Lava buckets will power a furnace for 1000 straight seconds. Use it as a tool to easily keep your furnaces going.

Melon Destruction

A diamond sword will break melons faster than any tool.

Pumpkin Breaking

A diamond axe will break pumpkins faster than any other tool.

Quick Mushroom Soups

Milk a "mooshroom" with a bowl to quickly make a mushroom soup.

Break Cobwebs

Use either shears or a sword to quickly break down any cobweb.