Safe in the Mushroom Biome

No hostile mobs will spawn in mushroom biomes.


Breathe Underwater

Bring an empty bucket with you whenever you go underwater, when ever you are getting low on air just use the bucket and a single block of air will appear under water for a split second.

Giant Mushroom

Make any mushroom a giant mushroom by using bone meal on it.

Title Change

Every time you open Minecraft there is a 1 in 10,000 chance that the title will say "Minceraft" instead of Minecraft.

Villager Love

Any villager can fall in love and raise a family. Just make sure that he or she has an empty house with working doors and they will move in a raise a baby villager.

Neutralizing Cactus

If a spider takes damage from a cactus it will become neutral.

Avoid Endermen

Looking at an Enderman through transparent blocks will not make the enderman go hostile.

Friendly Spider

If you throw a chicken egg at a docile spider and hit it, the spider will stay docile.

Saddle Up

If you can find a saddle, you can put it on a pig and ride it, but you can't control it.

Minecart Driving

If you put a saddled up pig into a mine cart you can drive it like a car off the tracks.