Zombie Pigmen

If lightening strikes a pig it will turn into a zombie pigmen.



Chest will look like gift boxes on Christmas.

Fall Damage

If a spider takes fall damage during a fight it will become docile.

Dangerous Lava

Magma Cubes can't swim in lava.

Hurtful Little Cubes

Tiny Magma Cubes can still hurt the player, unlike tiny slime cubes.

Falling Resistant

Magma Cubes don't take fall damage.

Pumpkin Protection

Looking at an Enderman with a pumpkin on your head will not turn it hostile.

Only Use When Necessary

Don't place down Obsidian unless you need to as it attracts mobs.

Mushroom Island

A rare type of island with a lot of mushrooms and red cows with mushrooms on their bodies, which are called mooshrooms.

Soft Soul Sand

If your boat crashes into soul sand it won't break.